Who are we?

Ginkos (pronounced as "Ghinkos") provides business consulting, market research, technology research, talent transformation and training services. We cater to the needs of a wide variety of organisations - from small startups to large sized enterprises.

Team Ginkos brings in a unique blend of business, technology and talent development expertise to help you. Team Ginkos has several decades of experience in building products, products management, products marketing, sales, and training.

Our clients include leading telecom service providers, cloud service providers, networking products companies, IT engineering service providers, digital educational service providers and startups involved in the digital technologies development.

Our Story

Ginkos was founded in 2019, to help organizations go through their business, technology and talent transformation needs. The name Ginkos is derived from Ginkgo, a specific variety of a Chinese tree that has survived for more than 270 million years, adapting and handling a number of changes in the environment. With the changes happening in the business, technology and talent landscape, we help organizations and individuals to thrive like the Ginkgo.